baby’s first trail food

ever since i got down to los angeles i’ve been grumbling about needing to get around to grocery shopping for my first ~100 miles. tonight brian graciously let me use his employee discount at the EXCELLENT sprouts market… unfortunately things went a little *too* well & now i have what could pretty easily be described as WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.

i think i officially have TOO MUCH FOOD

over the course of my research i learned that most people recommend 1.5 pounds of food per day to begin & that those foods should have a caloric density of at least 100 calories per ounce but ideally more like 125 calories per ounce. other than maximizing calories i am also interested in minimizing super processed foods & refined sugars. 

so here’s what seemed like a good idea a couple of hours ago starting with that fat sack of trail mix in the upper left corner 🙄:

-various protein powder packets

-olive packets. i think there are only like 8 or 9 olives in each but i love olives so whatever still worth the packaging & weight probably

-german wasa crackers. i honestly do not really know what these are but i had german roommates for a while & they were crazy about these crackers & they taste pretty good so…?


-a giant sack of granola

-clif shot blocks because penelope said that they’re pretty good & i want to slowly wean myself off of caffeine while still having contingency plans for when i get the afternoon sleepies

-adorable little one ounce coconut oil packets (caveat: actually got these at trader joe’s). i’m planning on using these for a bunch of things besides adding fat n flavor such as diluting my lemongrass tick treatment & chafe & maybe even oil pulling if i feel ambitious?

-nuun electrolyte tablets that josef bought for me back in portland

-kind breakfast bars. idk not much to say about em, they’re just boring bars that i bought because somehow i thought i was going to starve?

-salami. i think i will either love this or think it is disgusting…

-tuna packets! i’m excited about these

-chocolate covered espresso beans. see: shot blocks. also hannah has had a paper cup of these under her desk at work for a couple of weeks & i have been steadily pilfering them the entire time because turns out they’re awesome (sorry hannah)

-quart ziploc full of dried kale & peas. i actually ordered these from the internet a few weeks ago & they are super tasty so i’m happy about that

-salty green bean chips. i am stoked about these!

-lara bars because they are pretty cheap & their calorie to weight ratio is on point & they remind me of my last year in college which actually is probably not a great thing

-sharp cheddar babybel. i guess they’re pretty shelf-stable since they’re packaged in wax?

-wasabi peas for delicious spicy crunch

-mac n cheese & special hatch chili mac n cheese?

-shark gummies which have already scented my entire food bag

-these weird heat n serve mediterranean sides which actually look delicious. they had couscous w garbanzo & lentil w rice & the ingredient list is super short & simple so that’s cool!

-chia seeds for shiny hair & smart brain

related: brian convinced me to pick up a multivitamin so that i don’t get malnourished & lose my teeth 😬


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