day 29: & now we have a two person tent



the rooster who lives here is clearly confused because he begins his wake up call far before dawn & carries on intermittently throughout the morning. i roll over, savor the earthy smells & little scuffling sounds of the horses & chickens & hikers all stirring in the fresh morning. i bum a coffee tea bag from boots & eat yogurt & frozen peaches from the bag with my spork. the house dogs mill around & i snag cuddles whenever one comes near enough. 

days off, zeros as hikers call them, hold so much promise for relaxation but my in-town to do list always seems to be out of control & the logistics of making everything happen are overwhelming. today we’ll have to walk the mile into town to do our resupply, we have to sort our things & mail some stuff home or ahead & i have to catch the twelve o’clock shuttle to rei to buy a real two person tent! that’s right- we’re moving out of pepa’s one man shelter & into something that was actually designed to accommodate two humans!! butcher is tossing his old sleeping pad & i snag the bottom few squares. i have a sit pad now! i take a moment to imagine how comfortable breaks will be. i can even use it as a pillow! 

pepa buys dozens of sausages at the grocery store & butcher agrees to grill them. late in the afternoon as the air begins to cool, the package that pepa’s been waiting on arrives & we gather around to watch butcher work his magic. pink fingernails flashing, he stacks the bunned sausages like jenga blocks & we devour them hungrily. toggs & patchwork roll in as it’s getting dark & we’re so happy to see them but so so sleepy. pebbles is getting one of young gun’s signature stick n poke tattoos in the kitchen of the guest house & i want to hang out but my new circadian rhythm is begging me for sleep. 


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