i have a much more obnoxious gear list w weights & graphics etc but i don’t think that i am ready to share that level of gear nerdiness w the whole wide internet. so:

  • hyperlight mountain gear 2400 w trash bag liner
  • zpacks hexamid tarp w beak, guylines, microlocs + six moon designs serenity bug net
    • polycro groundsheet & eight titanium shepherds stakes
  • enlightened equipment enigma 10f extra fluffy (950 fill)
    • long sleeve merino shirt & champion brand leggings w brushed inside for maximum coziness & insulated booties
  • thermarest neoair xlite 3/4 length
  • kitchen: homemade cat food can stove, tiny titanium pot (too tiny?), aluminum foil windscreen, pink spork from my grandpa, lil woodprint bandana from josef, 15g stainless steel knife, 8 oz plastic bottle for fuel, mini bicIMG_9465
  • agua: mini sawyer filter, 2L evernew water bag x2 (for the desert sections where i have to carry like 8 liters of water), 1L smartwater bottles x2, aquamira in tiny dropper bottles
  • clothing packed: mosquito headnet as stuff sack, montbell superior down hoodie, outdoor research helium rainjacket, 1/4 zip baselayer shirt, running tights, fleece hat & gloves, exofficio mesh granny panties,extra pair of darn tough socks
  • electronics: black diamond ion headlamp, iphone 7 + case, anker 10000 external battery, double wall charger for the above, earbuds
  • girl stuff: titanium poop trowel, 1st aid (ibuprofen, claritin, anti-diarrhea, triple antibiotic cream, little gauze pads, duct tape), hand sanitizer, toothbrush + paste, tiny comb, 45 spf sunscreen in film canister, lemongrass essential oil for my worst fear: TICKS
some fun lil stuff feat. most of my 1st aid & repair kits
  • etc: repair kit (tenacious tape, cuben tape, neoair patch, sewing needle + floss), pen + sharpie, paper maps in ziploc, tiny compass, id + debit card + permits + $ in ziploc
  • only in the sierra: bear canister, kahtoola microspikes, snow baskets for trekking poles, camp corsa ice axe, maybe light generic fleece layer
  • worn: trucker hat, 100% UVA/B sunglasses, v dorky nylon button up (thanks emily!), running shorts, target sports bra, darn tough socks, dirty girl gaiters w pictures of outer space, saucony peregrine 6s, cascade mountain tech poles, tiny casio watch w alarm

anyway according to my spreadsheets & my kitchen scale that i bought on amazon that all puts my baseweight at just about 10.49lbs which i feel pretty good about. i might end up trying to get a new phone before i start because mine keeps dying at 50% but for now i think i’m pretty dialed?

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 15.44.54.png