this one is for my wonderful family & friends who have asked about sending letters. based on my research this is kind of a pain in the ass. but! if you decide to go ahead & do it please write your return address on the envelope & i will send you a letter or postcard back!

a couple notes:

  • i’ll have to ask for all of our mail, so please let me know if there’s something i should be expecting!
  • the ETAs on the following maildrop list are estimates. i may be there a week (or more!) earlier or later
  • always use USPS Priority Mail if you are sending a box (some locations may be inaccessible by UPS and other carriers)
  • never use USPS Standard Post. word on the street is that Standard Post is a literal vortex
  • letters can be sent via USPS First Class
  • use the addresses exactly as shown on the following maildrop list
  • write “Hold for PCT Hiker. ETA: MM/DD/YY” on every package or letter
  • make your box or envelope box unique with stickers or colorful tape so i can quickly help identify it


please address all boxes and letters like this:

Io Fortier-Kuttner


General Delivery/Address

Town, State  Zip Code


please remember that i’ll end up carrying whatever you send me on my back. i am very excited about letters but please don’t bother sending non-consumable things ❤

belong are my already designated maildrop locations. please use only these locations as i am already planning on stopping at these post offices for other essentials.

please use the addresses exactly as shown here!

i will update ETAs as i go… until then **all dates are conservative estimates**


maildrop locations: 


Warner Springs, CA 

Io Fortier-Kuttner

PCT Hiker, ETA: 04/16/17

General Delivery

Warner Springs, CA 92036


Kennedy Meadows, CA 

Io Fortier-Kuttner

PCT Hiker, ETA: 06/01/17

c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store

96740 Beach Meadow Road

Inyokern, CA 93527


Burney Falls State Park, CA 

Io Fortier-Kuttner

PCT Hiker, ETA: 07/25/17

c/o Burney Park Camp Store

McArthur Burney Falls State Park

24900 State Highway 89

Burney, CA 96013


shout out to Yogi and her PCT Handbook for the mail plan advice / also literally everything